Open Letter to the Christopher Robin Team

I have just recently seen this delightful movie. Ewan McGregor, your performance is brilliant. Your balancing act of the adult reconnecting with his inner child is breathtaking. The rest of the cast is brilliant. Marc Forster, your direction is brilliant. At no point was I thinking that these creatures were computer generated. I was able to slide into full acceptance of this fantasy world. As I write this letter (which is not a review or a piece of critique), I do realize that I will be using the word “brilliant” several times. As an American, I use the word less frequently as my neighbors across the pond. However, all I can seem to feel about this movie is “brilliant”. This movie is intensely charming and sweet. It spoke to the boy who read these books as a child as well as the parent who read these stories to my own child.

And now to the point of my letter. 

Thank you. Thank you for reintroducing these characters to me in a new way. Thank you for allowing my inner child to play for 2 hours. Thank you for showing me how dangerous it is to choose to grow old while growing up. And thank you for showing me how great it is to slow down and experience things. My favorite quotes by Winnie the Pooh included in this film:

People say ‘nothing is impossible’, but I do nothing every day.

Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something

And this leads me to the reason for me writing. I learned something while my inner child explored for 2 hours. I am an actor, working very hard to create a career. I am also a father. My Madeline’s name is Stephanie. She is also 19 years old. However, she has an inner child that still needs to be nurtured. And so do I. Ultimately, thanks to this movie, I am going to slow down when it’s needed. Sure you need to fight for your dream. But sometimes, you should let your dream fight for you.

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