Film and Television  
Heart of a WomanBert
Keith Holland
McCray Matt Weinglass
Crash: The Animated SeriesThe CellMatt Weinglass
Reality Queen!TedSteven Jay Bernheim
Even SteveSteveSteve Brock
QuinnArguing GuyAndrew Cinclair
Making AmendsRyanJared Boghosian
Kimi KabukiThomasYoko Okumura
I'll Do AnythingDavidJames L. Brooks
Fight BackBullDr. Terrence Candell
StrippedJimChris Read
Tough JusticeOfficer ShannonFunny Or Die/Charles Ingram
Bah HumbugSpirit of Christmas PresentBroadway Theatricals
SongaloguesSteveLifebook Playhouse
3060SteveTwo Roads Theater
Blithe SpiritDr. BradmanLos Gatos Theater
West Side StoryLt. SchrankSunnyvale Community Players
My Fair LadyAlfred P. DoolittleLos Gatos Theater
Little Shop of HorrorsCustomerLos Gatos Theater
Anne of Green GablesMr. AllenCanyon Theatre Guild
List Available Upon Request
Acting (Current)Amy Lyndon
ActingAllen Levin
Improv ProgramSecond City
ActingCarolina Barcos
Vocal TechniqueMichele Weir
Special Skills
Singing Jazz, Pop, Country, Musical Theater, Folk, Sight Reading, Composition
Vocal RangeTenor, Baritone, Bass
ImprovisationSecond City, Short Form, Long Form, Sketch
DialectsTexan, Georgia, British, Cockney, Irish, Midwest, Bronx, Brooklyn
Miscellaneous SkillsImpressions, Horseback Riding, Employed in Computer Industry for 20 years.